Dr. Nushka Kassem

Welcome to Medicine of the 21st Century

Our vision is the fusion of the science of Western Medicine and the wisdom of Eastern Medicine artfully admixed and customized to balance, nurture, and cure the underlying cause of an individual’s disharmony.  Any nutritional/biochemical, immune, endocrine, digestive, emotional, or energetic disturbance can manifest as symptoms of unwellness.  As such, we use the latest in conventional medicine, advanced natural medicine, and Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbs) to address the root cause of disharmony, depending on what will bring the fastest and most comprehensive results in each individual case; integrative medicine at its best!

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“I was allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, and had hay fever.  After Dr. Nushka treated me, I lost 15 pounds and was able to eat the foods I couldn’t eat before. ” -M.K
“ My medical doctor diagnosed me with diabetes.  I was on 1000mg of Glucophage and still had a fasting blood sugar of 150.  After a series of treatments with Dr. Nushka, I am completely off the pharmaceutical, and have a fasting blood sugar of 98!!! I feel better than ever!”-R.M