Dr. Nushka Kassem



“ My medical doctor diagnosed me with diabetes.  I was on 1000mg of Glucophage and still had a fasting blood sugar of 150.  After a series of treatments with Dr. Nushka, I am completely off the pharmaceutical, and have a fasting blood sugar of 98!!! I feel better than ever!”


“I was allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, and had hay fever.  After Dr. Nushka treated me, I lost 15 pounds and was able to eat the foods I couldn’t eat before.”

“Dr. Kassem has been instrumental in assisting me to heal myself. I had lost a lot of weight and was dealing with food allergies. My body was rejecting nutrition and I was very constipated. With the aid of Dr. Kassem I was able to reset my digestive system and eliminate most of my allergies to foods, vitamins and minerals. Now my digestive system has been repaired and is healthy. The juvenile polyps or growths in my stomach have shrunk, and my immune system has improved. She was also able to help me so I no longer required my hormone replacement and anxiety medications replacing them with a Chinese herbal derivative to treat my symptoms. Dr. Kassem is very compassionate and patient. It is easy to talk to her without any judgement. She has helped me to trust in myself and to come back strong and healthy. I look forward to more health improvements and to live a robust life on this earth.”


” I had very low energy, was depressed, and lost 80% of my hair on the sides of my head.  I was prescribed methotrexate and it only made things much worse.  My immune system became weak and I would get pneumonia several times a year.  Dr. Kassem first did treatments to strengthen my immune system, gave me specific supplements to address my body’s needs, and then a Chinese herbal formula.  My hair is growing back.  I have not had pneumonia since we started treatment.  She also did some treatments to clear some of my emotional blockages.  Those treatments were life changing for me.  I have great energy and have gone back to being a social happy person.  Thank you Dr. Kassem!”


“I had been dealing with Graves Disease with a hyperthyroid for about 1.5yrs and working with an endocrinologist for about a year and wasn’t able to get my symptoms under control. I was taking Methimazole and like a roller coaster, was constantly fluctuating between being hyper and hypo. It was either one extreme or the other and no matter what dosage I was taking I just couldn’t get it under control. And with that came all those symptoms, not sleeping well, feeling tired, anxiety, weight loss and weight gain, dry skin, depression, etc. I felt like the medicine was just masking my symptoms and not taking care of the root problem.

I started working with Dr. Nushka and within 4 months I was feeling better and was able to start light workouts. By 6 months I was able to decrease the amount of Methimazole I was taking and I was actually feeling like my normal self again. I hadn’t felt like that in almost 2 yrs. I’m now able to do regular workouts and go bike riding with my kids without feeling exhausted afterwards or needing a couple of days to recover.

By doing treatments, taking natural supplements and changing my eating I’ve been able to get my life back! Now I’m working towards getting off the Methimazole and putting my Graves Disease at bay or what I like to call it, putting it in remission for good.”


“I was diagnosed with hepatitis C 10 years ago.   My liver enzymes  and viral load were very high.  My doctor wanted to start me on interferon therapy.  Dr. Nushka put me on a supplement protocol and recommended specific dietary and lifestyle changes.  I just had a liver biopsy last year and my medical doctor was very pleased with my condition.  My liver enzymes are in normal range, and my viral load is under control.  I feel great, and have lost 15 healthy pound in the process.”


“I was under the care of a GI for severe constipation for over a year. When the drugs didn’t work, he suggested I be referred to the surgeon because ” Sometimes when you remove part of the colon, it shortens the distance and it might help your situation.” Might help? It was briefly discussed that maybe the antidepressant I was on might be contributing to it, or maybe it could be my thyroid, but he wasn’t interested in looking into it any further.  The drugs weren’t working so he was done with my case. Knowing I didn’t want to go that route, I investigated other options, and looked to find a Naturopathic doctor.  Dr. Nushka’s treatments have totally alleviated the constipation problems. She also worked with me to get off the antidepressants-which I have and feel fine.  My hot flashes and night sweats are also gone.  We have been working together for 10 months and I am so happy with the results.”


“I came to Dr. Nushka for some lower back pain that was holding me back from being as active of a mama as I could be, and I was also feeling like the mood swings from my teenage years were making a come back. I had some success with detox diets, but it always seemed to fall apart and feel super extreme, and I wanted to get greater guidance on how to improve my health. I decided to see Dr. Nushka after researching a few Naturopaths in the area. I really liked the fact that Dr. Nushka practices both Traditional Chinese medicine and is a Naturopath Doctor. Dr. Nushka recommended some treatments to help me with food allergies that were contributing to this lower back pain. After a few treatments, I could actually run up a flight of stairs without feeling shooting pain up my spine, and I could play with my children without fear of throwing out my back again. I also feel like I am back to a more normal range of emotions. If like me, visiting a Naturopath is a new thing for you, and I highly recommend Dr. Nushka, she did an amazing job listening to me and explaining treatments, even if they were a bit off the beaten path for me. I am now delighted to be back to working out more without the fear of back pain.”


“I first found Dr. Nushka for my daughter who was suffering severe health symptoms with no explanation. Our insurer, Kaiser, had blown us off and had resulted in motivational talks to try and get my daughter to try and feel better. From our first visit, we felt heard and started our journey with Dr. Nushka that ultimately led to a diagnosis of Babesiosis, Lyme and Bartonella (all tick borne diseases). Without her help, we wouldn’t have been able to find a solution for my daughters failing health. We are so grateful for her help and my daughter is on her way back to good health and highly functional life again.

While my daughter’s health was in peril, I had noticed increasing fatigue, poor sleep and significant weight gain, despite 20+ hours per week of triathlon training. I just couldn’t recover. Testing through Kaiser discovered a low functioning thyroid. Despite the drastic change in test results compared to past thyroid tests, my results were still, just barely, in the range of “normal.” Therefore, despite my fatigue, inability to sleep and 20lb. weight gain, they refused to treat my thyroid. So I turned once again to Dr. Nushka.

With her guidance, I was able to make some changes to my diet based on sensitivities and genetic testing. Additionally, Dr. Nushka recommended some supplements to support my thyroid and exhausted adrenal glands. Immediately, weight started to come off, sleep improved and soon after, energy started to rebound.

Additionally, through information gained from the genetic testing, I was able fine-tune my workouts and take advantage of my bodies natural strengths. I will never waste another minute in the gym!! I have also learned how to specifically adjust my diet to my body’s very specific nutritional needs, helping to improve digestion, metabolism and hormone function.

I would highly recommend Dr. Nushka if you’re interested in ideal health or if you have medical questions you can’t get answered by western medicine. You will find her knowledgeable, creative and compassionate.”

– E.W