Dr. Nushka Kassem

Our Approach


Practicing two seemingly diametrically opposed traditions to understand and treat each patient’s unique condition;  both Naturopathic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine bring excellent healing results in and of themselves, but the effects from the combination of both are phenomenal.

I attended Naturopathic Medical School (Bastyr University) for my medical training.  All of my studies were in complete alignment with what I intuited to be the true means of understanding the biochemical/physiological/immune causes of disease.  We were exposed to all the latest research in each medical specialty (cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, etc) with respect to the most effective botanical/nutritional/supplemental treatment for each respective condition.  In clinic we would then put these treatments into practice and observe as patient after patient would shed the shackles of illness and don the garb of vibrant health.  Being an avid traveler, I experienced some health adventures myself.  I acquired an elusive bug, that temporarily wrought havoc on my system.  I headed straight to the clinic to get checked out.  After the culprit was identified and eliminated, recovery was still not as fast as I would have liked.  I noticed that their were tender spots on my legs, but no bruises.  I shared this with one of my colleagues attending the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at Bastyr.  She recommended I visit the acupuncture clinic.  An interesting experience indeed.  The tender spots on my legs corresponded to acupuncture points, the student doctor in training took a look at my tongue, checked my pulse, and needled away.  I felt great.  She also gave me a custom Chinese herbal formula to correct what was noted in my pulse.  It didn’t taste fantastic, but the results were.  I felt this ancient medical tradition would be an invaluable tool to help my future patients, and so I joined the Masters Program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medical in my second year of Naturopathic Medical School.


My goal is to help bring about the fastest and most resolute cure for any health concern my patient’s have.  This requires assessment of all possible factors that affect health: nutritional status/diet, environmental exposures, emotional wellness, genetic/biochemical individuality, personal constitution, immune status/allergic tendency, etc.  A detailed history as well as specialty/functional and standard laboratory testing are all instrumental in attaining these ends.  Treatment may include dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, customized Chinese herbal formulas, acupuncture, allergy elimination treatments, cupping, western botanicals, and/or homeopathy.